Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Einstein Brother Turkey Club Panini

Another "not-so-skinny" post, but it was free, so I can't complain. Just wished I had made a better choice. I signed up for the Einstein Brother e-club and also referred a friend that also sign up and they sent us both a free breakfast or lunch sandwich coupon. (You should try it too.) I've never had a panini in my life, so I decided to try it out. It being one of the more expensive sandwiches on the menu didn't hurt. Greedy o'l me decided to take full advantage of the coupon and order it. It was really yummy with turkey, tomato, bacon, and cheese all grilled and melted together. I don't know if they slather some butter on the bread before grilling it or what, but the bread was soaked in oil. It kind of disgusted me, but I was already done with 1/2 the sandwich. The sandwich came with a yummy dill pickle, and a choice of chips, coleslaw, or potato salad. Bad decision making struck me more than once today. I picked the potato salad. The potato salad was just basically potatoes, red onions, and 1/2 a jar of mayo. Half a cup of the potato salad is 355 calories and that container looked like a full cup to me. I ate it anyways. I felt so bad that I washed everything down with a can of pepsi and two mini reeses peanut butter cups. Normally I would have stopped at eating 1/2 the sandwich and 1/2 the potato salad, but I felt like I might as well eat everything since I started out on the wrong foot today anyways. I ate everything in that Einstein Brother's bag and that was only my lunch. So ladies, if you do use their coupon, PLEASE check their nutritional facts online BEFORE you head out. To be honest, I really can't blame Einstein Brothers, it was entirely my own fault. I should have ordered something from their breakfast menu and ask them to hold the cheese. Consider it lesson learned. Dinner will be a plain o'l homemade salad.

Retail: $7.49 at Einstein Brothers
My Cost: Free with coupon
Calories: 790 calories (full sandwich only); Potato Salad 710 calories (whole cup)
WW: 18 (holy cow); 18 (double holy cow)


Anonymous said...

Your sandwich looks and sounds awesome, just too bad that it's super high in calories.

Anonymous said...

i loove paninis! wow the potato salad was basically the same calorically as the sandwich!

glad it was a lesson learned =)!

Che said...

The food was good regardless! I am eating one right now and there is nothing you can tell me but its delicious!