Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oregon Chai Slighty Sweeten Chai Tea

One day I wanted to try out something new at Starbucks. I never had their chai tea before, but I needed my caffeine fix so I ordered a "dirty chai" which is chai tea latte with a shot of espresso. I was shocked that the tall cup cost me $3.86 with tax. I didn't expect to spend that much, but I already ordered it. Good thing it was yummy. I loved the spice in the chai tea, but I know I can't be spending $4.00 every time I wanted one so I needed a good replacement. I saw Oregon Chai on sale at Target and I remembered I had a coupon -- perfect. I'm glad they have different version of their famous Chai Teas. They have the sugar-free which I was tempted to get, but when I read the ingredients, I realized that they sweeten it with sucralose so it wasn't really sugar-free. I try to avoid sucraclose because I find that it gives me headaches. Oregon Chai also has these in original, green tea match, vegan, vanilla, peppermint, sugar-free and slightly sweeten. I got the slightly sweeten one because in reviews, people find that the original one is too sweet. This one is not sweeten with sucraclose which is a plus. You're suppose to add 1/2 chai concentrate and 1/2 milk of your choice. I prefer mine hot so I microwaved it for 2 minutes. I like the convenience of it, but I wished there was more spice to the chai tea. The cup at Starbucks was definitely more spice-filled. I remember having one at an Indian restaurant and it was really good. The flavor was really intense and "spicy." If you use skim milk, one full cup is only 75 calories.

Retails: $3.19 on sale at Taget
My Cost: $2.19 with coupon
Calories: 30 calories per 1/2 cup concentrate
WW: 0


Jill said...

I love Chi Tea! I may have to try this...

Anonymous said...

I went on a chai tea phase, but now I haven't had chai tea in maybe a year! I remember seeing this though and considering buying it during that phase~