Sunday, October 26, 2008

8 Grain Crisps

Another great discovery at my trusty Trader Joe's. I love trying out new snacks and when I saw these displayed as part of their "Fearless Fyler" featured item, I had to get it. These baked goodies are only 120 calories per serving and you get about 18 chips. It's a very satisfying snack. In each serving you get 20 grams of whole grains and 3 grams of fiber added to your diet. The crisps themselves tasted like rice crackers minus all the surgar coating. No oily residue on my fingers like I would get from eating normal chips. And these are very flavorfull from all the 8 grains in it. In case you are wondering which eight grains I'm talking about, it's barley, spelt, buckwheat, brown rice, whole oats, white corn, rye, and black sesame makes a perfect combination of flavor and crunch. I think I'm in love.

Retail Price: $1.99
My Price: $1.99
Calories: 120 per 28g (about 18 crisps)
WW: 2

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