Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Korean Donut (German Style)

I saw this at the Korean Market and this intrigued me to purchase it since I have never seen it there before. Something new -- I must try. I don't know what makes this "German Style" but that is what it says on the label. Donuts I am use to are soft and fluffy, but these has a much harder texture and more crumbly. The texture is more like a soft-baked cookie more than a donut. In the middle there is some sort of paste. Since the ingredients list says there are red beans in it, I was assuming it was a red bean paste, but it was a dry and yellow paste so I'm guessing not. I'm not a big fan of fillings so I just ate the outer layer and left filling. It was quite good. The package came with 6 piece, but I was already noshing on it before I could settle down to take a picture.

Retail: $3.99
My Cost: $3.99
Calories: 129 each
WW: 3

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