Thursday, November 13, 2008

Clif Bar: Chocolate Brownie

Everyone on the blogsphere has been obsessed with energy/meal replacement bars so I picked a few up when they were on sale. It's so expensive to eat on a daily basis, but I see many people eating at least a few bars a week. To me, at 240 calories, these clif bars seems a bit too heavy for a snack. I have to remember that these are meant to be meal replacement bars so I have to eat them wisely or else I'll end up gaining a ton of weight. I broke this in half and started munching away at it at the gym parking lot before clocking in my gym time. Eating away at it in little pieces, about 1/4 done with the bar I realized that I was not hungry, but I was still doing the "bag-to-mouth" motion. I immediately stopped. These bars are really filling, but so tasty that it seems like you are eating a candy bar. It's really dense and chewy bar. I like it. After my gym time, I came out and ate 1/4 more of the bar and I was really satisfied and didn't have to rush home and find food so I stopped by the grocery store to pick up more with some coupons.

Retail: $1.49
My Cost: $0.75 on sale plus doubled coupon
WW: 4 points

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