Sunday, November 9, 2008

Near East Couscous -- Roasted Garlic & Olive Oil

I've never had couscous in my life so I bought this when it was on sale at Vons for $2.00. I had a coupon for $0.50 off and I was delighted when they doubled my coupon at the register. Not bad for $1.00. At Whole Foods, the same Near East varieties of couscous and rice pilafs cost like $3.29. I felt pretty good about my deal when I saw that at Whold Foods. I vaguely remember that someone told me that couscous is pasta, but to me it tasted like really fine rice. One fourth of the contents was accidentally spilled on the kitchen floor, but I still poured in all the flavoring... bad move, because the couscous tasted overly flavored. The whole box would probably last me for 3-4 meals because I enjoy this in small portions as a side dish since it is so flavorful. Simple and easy to cook, but I think I can recreate this with brown rice, garlic, olive oil and some seasoning. I guess that would be pilaf instead if couscous. My friend commented that it's just MSG rice, but I looked at the ingredients list and it didn't have any crappy ingredients. I'd like to try their other varieties of coucous if I can get it for $1.00 again.

Retail: $3.29
My Cost: $1.00 on sale plus doubled coupon
Calories: 1/3 box is 220 calories
WW: 4

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