Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt with Honey

I finally got my little hands on the Oikos' Organic Greek Yogurt with the help of a coupon. Boy are these expensive. Maybe it's where I shop. Vons sell these 5.3 oz cups for $2.49 each, but they were "on sale" for $1.99 when I was there. Combined with my $1.00 off two coupon, I managed to pick 2 Oikos up for $1.50 each. Still expensive in my opinion, but better than paying $5.00 for two. Eating healthy has a price tag. What I really wanted to try was the plain yogurt, but there were only 2 of them left on the shelf and it was already expired. I always check for expiration dates on items, especially when it's on sale. Usually the goods with the better dates are more towards the back shelf. I notified one of the floor people, but they said that the night crew is going to take care of it. I had to settle for their other flavors which were Honey and Vanilla. I've had the Trader Joe in House Greek Style Yogurt in the flavor honey before and I thought it tasted just like that. There was about 2 tablespoons on honey on the bottom, but I did not stir it in, I just ate the yogurt, manuvering myself around the honey. The faint taste of honey in the yogurt itself was good enough for me already. Oikos is not as thick and creamy as Fage, but I still like it. I'm sure I will enjoy the plain flavor more than the honey flavor. The yogurt itself is not extrodinary. Maybe their selling point is that it's ORGANIC. I would only repurchase if I had another coupon on top of it being on sale.

Retail: $2.49 (5.3 oz cup)
My Cost: $1.50 on sale plus coupon
Calories: 120
WW: 2

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