Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fresh Foods: Kiwi

Are kiwi in season right now? I see them on sale everywhere and for cheaper than usual too. $1 for 4 is cheap, right? I stocked up and was eating 2 a day for about a week and then I scaled back down to 1 a day because I was under the false assumption that each kiwi was only 25 calories. (Stupid Too much of anything is bad anyways so 1 a day is good. They were sweet and yummy. Nice addition to my plain yogurts. So one cup of kiwi is about 177 grams and that consists of 108 calories and 5 grams of fiber. Do your body some good and add kiwi to your diet.

Retail: Seasonal
My Cost: $0.25 each
Calories: 65 calories per 106 grams (my average kiwi size)
WW: 0

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