Monday, November 10, 2008

Simpy Grapefruit Juice

Simply delicious is all I can say. Yummy and healthier than most fruit juices. An eight ounce cup is a mere 90 calories. I've heard many great benefits of eating a grapefruit before your meals to jump start your "fat burning" metabolism and semi fill you up so you consume less calories. I don't know if there are any truth to those fad diets, but I know that after drinking a cup, it definitely curbs my appetite, similar to what coffee does to me. I'd love to start my mornings with this everyday if it was more affordable. A 1.75 L bottle runs for about $3.99 at my local supermarket. I think $3.50 when it does go on sale, but this weekend this was on mega sale at Ralphs. It was part of their "mix and match" sale if you purchase 10 item (participating item) you get an automatic $5.00 off. So the sale price was $3.00 and on top of the extra $0.50 savings, this was a mere $2.50. I'd definitely repurchase when it goes on sale again.

Retail: $3.99
My Cost: $2.50 on sale
Calories: 90 per 8 ounce
WW: 2 points

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! great site you have here :D

i used to drink "simply orange" all the time!!